About Personal Portraits

We all leave behind a legacy. Why not celebrate yours? Whatever that is or whomever it may be...you don’t really need an occasion to celebrate your life…but if you really, really need one, we can make one up. Celebrate silliness, celebrate fun(ness?), celebrate baby bumps, celebrate newbies, celebrate picnics, celebrate food, celebrate friendship. celebrate lazy days, celebrate your dog, celebrate dancing….when you think about it, there’a lot to celebrate.

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Who is involved?

Typically its just you and me. However, if you want others to be part of your portraits or want portraits of others then of course we can arrange that. As a starting point though, its you, me and a cup of coffee (or tea) make three.

What is involved?

Really, that's up to you and what you think you might want. After that, we just have a conversation and start planning your shoot.
Depending on what you've dreamed up, other vendors (makeup, stylists, locations, costumes!) may need to get involved and from then its just a matter of collaboration and planning. The important thing to remember is that It can be as simple as you like or scaled right up!

How much does it cost?

Your typical (and basic) shoot starts with a session fee of $200. Price on request for more involved shoots.

When and What do I get?

From shoot to delivery is typically about 2 weeks for the digital version to be published to an online gallery. For prints add an additional 1 - 2 weeks.



“We had never really taken a 'nice' photo of the two of us together and we are so glad we did before she went of to university. This picture occupies a big space on our living room wall and also in our hearts. Thank you!”