Beauty Portrait Information


The consult

A crucial part of the process, the consult lays the groundwork for how you want to be photographed. Here we talk about why you want to do a shoot, what to expect from a beauty shoot, your wardrobe choices and looks and also location. The consult is about 30 mins long and can be done over the phone or email but preferably in person.

The Shoot

Meeting at the location previously specified, the shoot will normally be 3 - 4 hours in total including the hair, make up and photography. You will arrive in normal clothes with no makeup so that we can start from scratch .This is where most of the magic happens and this is where you will look and feel like a million bucks.

The Viewing

In the two weeks after your shoot, the images will be culled, edited, retouched and processed. At the viewing, you will then pick the favourites you want to include in your collection. If there is someone who will be helping you decide on what to buy, it’s best to have them there as well. After the images are chosen and paid for, the prints will be on their way to you. Again, preferably done face-to-face but can be done online as well.

About the Experience

Upon arrival at the specified location, we will get you settled after which the hair and make up team will begin yourtransformation.They will fuss over you and pamper you so take this time to relax and enjoy yourself! While the Hair & Make-Up person/people will already have an idea as to what suits your skin type and tone, they want to hear from you. Communicate what you like and what you hope for. Their goal is to make you feel and look great – and they want to hear what makes you feel your best!

While you are being fussed over in the make up chair, your photographer will be putting the finishing touches on the plan by consulting your wardrobe choices and the lighting.

After the hair and makeup is done, it’s time for the magic to begin. After a short briefing on posing we will work through the different poses and outfits.The first few minutes can be a little daunting, but we will be there to coach and help you through the process. There may be laughter and maybe even some happy tears, you will work hard and you will look absolutely fabulous!

Once the shoot is all done, it’s time to take advantage of how stunning you look and make plans for the evening with a group of girl friends or with that someone special. Two to three weeks later, your images will be ready to be viewed.

Preparing for your portrait shoot

Although most of the work, when it comes to creating your modern beauty portraits will fall into our hands, there are still things that you can do to ensure that your experience is a positive one and that your images will look their best. Here are some tips from our hair and make-up professionals.

Approximately one week before your session, make sure that you drink plenty of water each day. 8-10 glasses of water will help to hydrate your skin, leaving you glowing. If plain water isn’t your thing, add a few wedges of lemon or lime, cucumber, or mint! This is also a great time to start moisturising your skin twice per day, with special attention to your face. Regardless if you choose to use a high end moisturiser or plain coconut oil, keeping your skin moisturised leaves it luminescent and more vibrant looking. You won’t regret keeping up with this, we promise!

Other things that you may want to do in the week before your shoot include having your eyebrows groomed, getting a manicure and pedicure, washing your hair the night before the shoot and getting a good night’s sleep each night. This will keep you looking your very best, and feeling your very best, too! There’s nothing worse than having to “act” energized, happy, and confident if you really aren’t feeling it. Beauty comes from within and we want your images to be true to the best version of you. These little tips can go a long way in helping us create amazing modern beauty portraits that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Eight Reasons To Book A Beauty Portrait Session

#1 For You

You’ve wanted to do something special for yourself lately. Something different.

#2 For Your Family

You’d like your family to have a picture of you that reflects your inner beauty and femininity. A unique gift for someone special. Something beautiful and classy.

#3 Let Loose

You’ve been working so hard lately and you deserve a day of pampering and beauty where it will all be about you. You need to let loose. Laugh. Be yourself. Get dolled up and have an excuse for a night out.

#4 To Remember

You can’t remember the last time you thought that you looked AND felt beautiful.

#5 Confidence

You need a little help finding your confidence and femininity again.

#6 New Dress

You want a reason to wear that new dress.

#7 Show Off!

You have been working on getting in shape recently and it’s time to show off just a little.

#8 Celebrity

You’ve always wondered what it would feel like to be a celebrity for a day.

Pricing & Packages

Collection #1


Session Fee
Beautiful 11”x14”portfolio box that houses 6 fine art images. Images are already mounted. Digital copy of each print included.

(Digital only option $995)
Available as high resolution download.

Collection #2


Beautiful 11”x14”portfolio box that houses 10 fine art images. Images are already mounted. Digital copy of each print included.

(Digital only option $1095)
Available as high resolution download.

Collection #3


Beautiful 11”x14”portfolio box that houses 12 fine art images
16" x 20" Artisan Mount print
20" x 24" Framed Showcase print

(Digital only option $1495)
Available as high resolution download.

A-La-Carte Package

Contact Me

Session Fee - $200

Prefer to mix and match, then perhaps individual prints are the way to go. All the prints are mounted.
Digital copy of each print included. Framing $135 extra.

7” x 10” - $250
10”x 15”- $400
16” x 20” - $600
20”x 30”- $900