About the Experience

So what exactly happens at your boudoir shoot? 

Your boudoir shoot is fundamentally an unapologetic celebration of you! A celebration of your femininity, of self-love, of silliness, of positivity and confidence. Your shoot will take place at a luxurious destination where you will be greeted by your photographer and your professional hair and make up stylist, your guides on this transformation journey. 

In that place and at that time, surrounded by fun, a generous dose of laughter, a pinch of happy tears, music that gets you moving, merriment, chocolate and of course…a celebratory drink - you will be pampered and fussed over - as you should be. More importantly though, you will look and feel sexy, stunning and absolutely gorgeous - as you should and because you are!

“But I’m not a model…” 

Is something we hear from most of our clients because most are “everyday” women. A poor way of describing a woman who wears different hats and finds it hard to take time indulge themselves. A woman who is often kind to others but harsh on herself. You may think that you are not ‘photogenic’ but with a little guidance you will soon discover your inner goddess. You will look breathtaking and so will the photographs! 

So sit back, relax, you are on your way! 

The Process

Your Consult

A crucial part of the process, the consult lays the groundwork for how you want to be photographed. Here we talk about why you want to do a shoot, what to expect from your boudoir shoot, your wardrobe choices and also the location. The consult is about 30 mins long and can be done over the phone or email but preferably in person.

Your Shoot

Meeting at the location previously specified, the shoot will normally be 3 - 4 hours in total including the hair, make up and photography. You will arrive in normal clothes with no makeup so that we can start from scratch. This is where most of the magic happens and this is where you will look and feel like a million bucks.

Your Viewing

In the two weeks after your shoot, the images will be culled, edited, retouched and processed. At the viewing, you will then pick the favourites you want to include in your collection. If there is someone who will be helping you decide on what to buy, it’s best to have them there as well. After the images are chosen and paid for, the prints will be on their way to you.

Your Immortalisation

Time to feel that surge of confidence coarse through your veins as you unveil your custom, handmade album or fine art print. Each one guaranteed to last a lifetime just like the memories you made during your experience.